INVICTA LEGAL informs you that as of July 15,2021, our new phone number will be (506) 4056-5050, fax (506) 4056-5060.


We are joyful to announce the birth of our new law firm INVICTA LEGAL. In these times of constant innovation and change, we have gone back to basics and have selected four timeless characteristics to serve as our guiding principles:



We have designed the ideal structure in order to keep things simple, as well as to avoid complex processes and procedures.



We are committed to maintain absolutely focused in the areas where we thrive and are the best. We will also remain focused in protecting the attention to detail and the personalized service that have characterized the members of our team for many years.



In our search for excellence, we have carefully picked the best talent in order to provide premium services to our clients.



A prompt response is one of the main characteristics that clients look after in their election of a legal services provider. This characteristic, which is a rare and scarce among the options available in the market, has been one of the main competitive advantages of the two teams that have joined to create INVICTA LEGAL. Our goal is not only to protect this advantage, but also to take it to new levels as a consequence of the synergies obtained from the combination of our resources and strengths.

We are convinced we have achieved the perfect balance. We are small enough in order to stay elite, lean, fast and focused. At the same time, we are big enough to have a solid team of experts and to have access to top notch technology in order to provide the best service available in the market to our selected group of clients.


San José

Centro Corporativo EBC.

San Rafael, Escazú

Tel: (506) 4056-5050

Fax: (506) 4056-5060


Centro Comercial

Garden Plaza, Tamarindo

Tel: (506) 2215-3936

Fax: (506) 4036-5060



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