Project Financing

We advise national and international developers and investors in the structuring and execution of transactions based on quotas and shares, as well as complex structures such as trusts, financing, joint ventures, drafting of all types of contractual instruments, condominium constitutions and property management.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide advice on mergers and acquisitions processes, offering effective solutions to complex structures. We lead due diligence, regulatory and / or authorization processes, as well as the structuring and financing of the operations of this nature.

Labor law

We provide highly specialized advice on employment and social security issues. Our professional experience allows us to offer our clients a preventive advice, according to the particularities of the companies.

Banking and Financial Law

We specialize in consumer banking, credit cards, asset finance and mortgages. In addition, we advise on issues related to payment entities and electronic money management.

Corporate and Commercial Law

We have extensive experience in different areas of business and corporate practice, offering comprehensive and innovative solutions to the needs of our customers. We participate in the structuring, negotiation and execution of all types of contracts of civil and commercial matters developed by our clients, at both national and international levels.

Migratory Law

We offer specialized services in advisory and paperwork on migration issues and international relocation for individuals and employees of transnational companies, who need to settle in Costa Rica.

Real Estate

We specialize in the management of transaction plans for real estate purchases, leasing, promotion and construction, as well as the structuring and financing of real estate projects.

Tourism and Hospitality

Our recognized engagement in projects to promote the development of Costa Rican tourism sector has allowed us to provide advice for real estate projects located in the maritime-terrestrial zone.

Intellectual Property

We offer our clients a wide experience in legal advice to protect the intellectual and industrial property of intangible assets of their companies. Likewise, we offer continuous advice to protect and defend the trademarks, patents, artistic creations and designs of our clients.


We specialize in advising and assisting our clients in the resolution of their conflicts, whether litigation or arbitration. We provide solutions in civil and commercial matters with special emphasis on loans, trusts, partner disputes, breach of contract and real estate law.


Centro Corporativo EBC.

San Rafael, Escazú

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Centro Comercial

Garden Plaza, Tamarindo

Tel: (506) 4056-5070

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Santa Teresa

Centro Comercial

Playa Carmen, Santa Teresa

Tel: (506) 4056-5080

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