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June 2021 | Invicta’s News 

Our new phone number


Dear collaborators, customers and business partners,

INVICTA LEGAL informs you that as of July 15, 2021, our new phone number will be (506) 4056-5050, fax (506) 4056-5060.

We appreciate your attention and understanding, to continue attending you with the same promptness and efficiency.

Best Regards,

Carlos Hernández Aguiar,

Alberto Sáenz Roesch,

Jorge González Roesch &

Juvenal Sánchez Zúñiga

Invicta Legal Partners


Centro Corporativo EBC.

San Rafael, Escazú

Tel: (506) 4056-5050

Fax: (506) 4056-5060


Centro Comercial

Garden Plaza, Tamarindo

Tel: (506) 4056-5070

Fax: (506) 4056-5060



Santa Teresa

Centro Comercial

Playa Carmen, Santa Teresa

Tel: (506) 4056-5080

Fax: (506) 4056-5060